Science Communication

Conveying Complex Concepts

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

Science lies at the heart of civilisation and society. It is fundamental to our lives. However, scientists and engineers have a bad reputation for hiding in labs and never speaking to the public. Here at Articul8, we are masters-level trained in Science Communication, and we want to help communicate complex topics to the world.

When you think of a scientist, you probably imagine a person dressed in a white lab coat, wearing thick glasses and adorned with white, straggly hair. Perhaps you think of Albert Einstein. The reality is quite different; scientists, overall, do not conform to this stereotype. They do not have a particular uniform, and they do not wear a badge. What makes someone a scientist?The answer is in the way they think. They employ “the scientific method”. The concept really boils down to a way of formulating ideas and testing them; a way of explaining the world through systematic observation and hypothesis testing. In short, a way of telling reality from fantasy.

STEM work is hard work though, and scientists, engineers, technologists and mathemeticians are always busy. Articul8 thinks science should be sexy! So we are here to help you convey your ideas clearly to a wide, or even a targeted audidence. Whether it be online, in the media, or to fellow practitioners, we can develop the right kind of communications.

While you're doing your real job, Articul8 can be at the keyboard creating compelling content that keep readers coming back for more.

Are people understanding you?

writing for results
writing for results

Clear language reaches more people. Science CAN be understood by all, but scientists often fail to convey their ideas clearly when reaching the public.

Fun, quirky stories and experiences? We're sure you'd have many - and we're sure people would love reading something fun and different!

Have a discovery? WELL DONE! Now, make sure you're telling people in a way they can understand.

Expert advice to give? Remove the jargon, and get your story clear and straight.

Motivational and/or inspiring? Many successful scientists have lots to share about life in science. Do you?

Personal? And perhaps only to the degree that presents you as a real, down-to-earth person behind the stereotypical scientist. NO LAB COATS!

Press and online fame should not be just for sports people and celebrities. Science is more important than that. Too often science news and science content gets dismissed as "too technical". This is a failure of communications. You can do better, and we can help. Let us show you how!

Got Science? Let's talk about telling it well!

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