Staff Profiles, Office Profiles & Suburb Profiles

Sharp, professionally developed personal, staff and office profiles are essential for winning over potential clients, many of whom get a positive or negative first impression, or indeed finalise their decision, according to your online presence.

Real Estate suburb profiles are essential for promoting your area as a dream area, in regard to location, amenities, infrastructure and lifestyle, to potential buyers.

Did You Know? Articul8 specialises in persuasive agent profiles, developed according to the required criteria, for and other major real estate portals. Here's a winning sample.

Profiles with More Mileage for More Value For Money

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Articul8's real estate personal profiles, office profiles and suburb profiles can and should also be used across all suitable mediums, including: listing kits, at open for inspections, on the main real estate portals, and in print media where appropriate to consistently portray you as a reputed and trusted professional clients want by their side.

Articul8's real estate agent profiles are different to the overkill of ineffective, jargonistic blurb that's out there.

Articul8's Profiles Present You as the Only Logical Choice.

In developing engaging, polished real estate profiles, Articul8 uses them as a platform to simultaneously weave in several subtle, persuasive messages, thereby giving them a very powerful marketing edge.

While Promoting An Agent:

Articul8's personal profiles also highlight the agency (or company's) best selling points. For instance, 'Jack, a well-respected industry professional, has been a proud member of the award-winning... team for 10 years. He also draws upon the [company name]'s vast resources to maximise the success of clients' property transactions.'

Articul8's staff profiles translate individual strengths and assets into client benefits. For example, no one cares that 'Jack has a degree in marketing'. They do care that 'Jack is highly qualified in marketing; he knows how to maximise a property's exposure on the main real estate portals and can market a property in its most desirable light to the highest number of potential buyers.'

Articul8's real estate profiles impress by demonstrating vast industry knowledge. Tack this onto the last sentence above. 'Of course, the more buyers drawn to a particular property, the greater the likelihood of competitive buying and a higher selling price.'

Articul8's profiles, whether agent or office profiles, allay potential clients' concerns, help create trust and break down stereotypes. A client's greatest fear is that they'll place their valuable property in the wrong hands. We present you as a trusted, down-to-earth, real person. For instance, 'Jack, who has made several of his own personal property transactions, knows how important a successful sale is to clients' long term financial security', or 'Jack, who's a proud dad of three active kids, is well-known and liked in his local community'.

We Get Into Your Potential Clients' Heads.

We Know What They Need & Want to Hear.

Did You Know?

Articul8 developed Harcourts' Lou Paola's REIV submission, which won him REIV Property Manager of the Year (Principals) 2013?

And David Yang's 2015 Property Manager of the Year submission, which saw him selected as a finalist?

writing for results

Working Together for Higher Returns

The Profile Process (whether for personal, office or suburb profiles) is simple!

We send you (and/or your staff) a few easy form questions. Then:

You respond via email and we follow up with a call where need be, or

We run through the questions together over the phone from the outset

In the case of suburb profiles, we then do the necessary research

Once developed, we send to you for approval, make any final tweaks, and return to you complete and ready to win over potential new clients.

Sample profiles are available on request.

Sharp, benefit-focussed profiles are worth their weight in gold. Secure even one client (though we know they'll work harder for you than that), and they pay for themselves many times over.

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