Media Releases

A powerful media release packs a punch and broadcasts to wide audience, whether developed for your local paper, the dailies, a lifestyle or business supplement or publication, or for your website or a digital medium. In addition to making an impact, it grabs attention from the get-go, clearly gets your desired message across to your target audience, and includes a call to action.

Value-Added Press Releases For Greater Distribution

Articul8 is always thinking about how marketing materials can be utilised across a range of mediums, thereby giving you greater value for money.

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Here's How

While Articul8 develops sharp, hard-hitting press releases for individuals and companies, we also develop press releases that can be tailored by your team members, or, in the case of a franchise company, your offices to better suit their individual needs.

This means you pay us for one press release, designed in a way to allow others to tailor it to suit, and you get loads of mileage out of it, as do your agents or your offices. It's very simple. Here's a sample.

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