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Real estate newsletters are an excellent way to stay in regular contact with clients and potential clients, build rapport, and therefore have them turn to you when their next property transaction arises. They're informative and fun, but most importantly, Articul8's newsletters are specifically tailored to you, your office and your local area. Given they're so personalised, they promote any angle, whether office or market-based, that best suits you at any given point in time.

Articul8's real estate newsletters are diverse and can including anything from 'meaty' market reports, statistics and recent sales to lifestyle snippets, great local community events and fun office news.

And We Make Them Easy For You.

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Maximum Mileage

You can, and should, maximise all available avenues for getting your newsletter out there. These might include:
From your office
In listing kits
At open for inspections
Printed and mailed or mail dropped
Emailed to your database
And extracting suitable articles for use in social media and sending to print media.

Having developed real estate newsletters for the real estate industry for more than 10 years, the Articul8 team knows how busy agents are. Articul8's newsletters are designed to require minimum input from agents, with as little as a quick email exchange or quick phone call required (in response to some simple questions) - just so we can get up to speed on your local market, any news and your particular priorities for your next newsletter. Given our extensive knowledge of the industry and how best to promote you, we handle the rest.

"Articul8 prepares my regular newsletter for me. I find them extremely good to work with. They take the time (not mine) to research the market figures, public events, etc. I believe it is an easy way to stay top of mind with very little effort involved. Good selling!"

Jason Gigliotti

Director Harcourts Creswick & Sales Associate
Harcourts Ballarat

Did You Know? Articul8 can provide real estate newsletters in both a pdf and jpg format, the latter allowing you to easily embed your newsletter in the body of an email so your readers see it immediately without having to open an attachment. Too easy!

Types of Real Estate Newsletters

While we're open to your ideas, here are some of the different newsletters Artcilu8 develops. They basically fall into two categories:

Category 1. Real Estate Newsletters for Offices or Individual Agents.

Tailored 1 Page Newsletter Samples

Tailored 2 Page Newsletter Samples

Statistics Based Newsletters

Category 2. Newsletters for Head Offices / Corporate Offices, which can be further tailored to suit Individual Offices.

These real estate newsletters offer maximum mileage and value for money given the wide coverage and versatility they offer you and your business owners.

These very cost-effective newsletters contain both general real estate articles that apply to everyone and tailored suburb-specific (or region or state-specific) information, so that your individual offices can use them to their best benefit.

They're extremely cost effective because the one set of general content goes in all of them in any given issue. Therefore, offices effectively pay only a fraction of what such a comprehensive, yet personalised, newsletter would normally cost.

Get it? If not, please see our example below.

Head Office Newsletter Tailored for Individual Offices

And The Corporate Newsletter Process?

It's so simple. They're developed monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, with at least bi-monthly recommended for the most impact. We suggest the general article topics for your approval. We then develop the general articles and telephone (and/or email) agents for a response to some form questions about their area. We either send you the newsletter in simple text format (for you to layout and distribute) or, if desired and at an extra cost, we complete it (including all the versions) in an agreed template branded accordingly with your assistance. Too easy!

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