Real Estate Market Reports

Articul8 knows the property market. We stay abreast of market conditions and trends using reputable resources. We also have lots of discussions and consultations with real estate agents and have learned a lot about the industry. We get what's going in; we get how important it is to promote market activity at all times of the year.

While always remaining truthful, we also know how to present the property market in its most attractive light to potential vendors and buyers irrespective of prevailing market conditions.

Whether winter, summer, spring or autumn, school holidays, Easter, Christmas, the new year or during the footy finals, we know the reasons why buyers should be buying, vendors should be selling, and investors should be investing.

Market reports can be text or statistics based, but we find that relatively short reports with a few simple statistics to support the information are most likely to be read by the general public. Of course, longer, more detailed reports will also be considered.

Where Can You Use Market Reports to Your Advantage?

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  1. Your website
  2. In sales kits
  3. Your blog if you have one
  4. At the top of your emailed property listings (contact us for a sample)
  5. Your printed property guide or listings
  6. From your office as a single flyer
  7. As a letterbox drop
  8. As a press release, presenting you as an expert to the wider public
  9. As part of your auction spiel or via any other avenues you have for providing verbal or written commentary on your local market

Presenting potential clients with current, informative and substantiated market reports also positions you as an expert in your field.

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