Real Estate Sales Kits & Guide Books

Need an impressive real estate sales kit to win over potential vendors? Or a real estate listing kit that's carefully structured to tip vendors' decisions in your favour? Or perhaps a property management kit to help landlords understand that yours is a highly professional, comprehensive asset management approach rather than a 'we just collect the rent approach' approach?

Or perhaps your company needs a real estate selling, buying or investing guide to offer clients, thereby better supporting them throughout their property transactions - and simultaneously better representing your company as the best choice)

Or perhaps a presentation guide to help vendors achieve the highest possible sales price?

Or maybe a franchisee kit that strategically persuades potential new business owners that you're the best choice?

Working Together for Higher Returns

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Articul8 has developed all of the above - and more, including lengthy general real estate documents, such as How To Choose The Best Agent, 10 Reasons To Choose Us, 10 Reasons To Sell Now, How to Sell Your Home for Thousands More, and the list goes on.

As with all real estate marketing materials prepared by Articul8, they are designed to not only convey the desired information, but also to subtly sell you as the obvious choice with carefully crafted text that tactfully, yet powerfully, weaves in your strongest selling points throughout.

Real Estate Sales Kits

Real estate sales kits should offer vendors, who are making one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives, comprehensive information about yourself, your agency and your sales history.

Of course, different real estate agents will prefer different information in their sales or pre-listing kits, but most like to convey their knowledge of the area, recent sales, and buyer demographics.

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Real estate sales kits should avoid over-selling, which backfires, and contain information which is short and punchy. That said, they often include general marketing and sales strategies, your fees and what they include, and, depending on the particular point at which the sales or listing kit is offered, an estimation of value and suggested, specific sales and marketing strategies.

Some include a glossary of real estate terms, table of stamp duty fees, a service guarantee, testimonials, and other pages. It's really a very individual thing - and Articul8 would be happy to discuss further with you and develop the copy that best suits you.

Remember too that all copy can be re-used in your other marketing mediums. While that means you get more value for money, it also means your materials remain consistent across the board.

Selling, Buying & Investment Guides

Real estate selling guides, real estate buying guides and real estate investment guides are your way of presenting yourself as a knowledgeable and reputable company with your finger on the real estate pulse. They can be as general or as detailed as desired. They can be developed at both the office and corporate levels.

Having developed a versatile rage of marketing materials for the real estate industry for more than a decade, Articul8 knows the industry, knows 'the lingo', and knows how to allay potential clients' fears and concerns. Our guides are specifically designed to help clients feel heard, supported, trusting, looked after and optimistic about the outcomes.

Real Estate Presentation Guides

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Whether designed for sellers or investors, presentation guides can go a long way towards helping your clients attract top sales prices and premium rental returns.

Having developed several guides over the years, whether booklet length or shorter, Articul8 helps vendors and landlords understand that well-presented properties will always attract more potential buyers or tenants and subsequently a higher price.

We also help them understand that investing in presentation is not an expense, but an investment that can pay itself off many times over. We also, along with detailing all the presentation, repairs and maintenance basics, understand and recommend the benefits of larger, yet cost-effective property improvements and home styling and to attract even better results.

Franchisee Kits

Real estate franchisee kits (or even your Why Join Us website page), when professionally, persuasively and clearly written, have the potential to grow your real estate franchise company exponentially.

Whether targeting individual agents, independent offices, offices currently with other franchises, or the lot, Articul8's franchisee kits are targeted and tuned into what your potential new business owners want and need to hear.

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