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OK, so you've not read the entire website. That's alright. Articul8 specialises in powerful, professional business copy, corporate writing and editing, and real estate marketing materials, as well as lifestyle and creative writing across a range of genres. With an ear for the creative, the powerful, and the persuasive, we are masters at crafting sharp copy to promote and build your business and to get your message out into the world!

Absolutely. There are examples on this website, but, if you would like more examples, drop us a line and we can show you more and show you how we could work for you.

You've come this far, so you probably already know that the words you use do matter. Language is very powerful. Keeping a consistent message helps build your reputation. A professional writer can ensure that your target audience is reached in language that THEY understand.

We will get into your head so as to understand your clients minds. We will understand you and your goals. This is personal. Communication is personal and your clients need that connection. Our personalised service will make a difference.

Sure! We can help develop the words, the materials, and the kinds of messages you want to get out there. We can co-ordinate photography and graphic design as well as the words. We can help you with market announcements, press releases, social media, even traditional media. Get in touch, we'll get it working for you.

Yes, no problem at all. We uniquely craft all aspects of Web copy, facebook ads and facebook boosts, Google ads for AdWords etc., Quality Press Releases as well as Professional Profiles for Businesses, Executives and Staff. Get in touch!

Indeed we can. We can ghost write for you. From a speech to an article or editorial right up to a book, we can do that.

We don't go bump in the night. Instead, we physically write what you want to write for you. And yes, we will craft the words as well � never mind if you can't form a sentence, if you have an idea, we can put that into words.

Hard to be sure. Depends on a range of factors, where it is, what houses around it are worth, how many bedrooms, size of the land. In the end, it's worth what someone else will pay. That said, your real estate agent is probably a better person to ask. We are writers, but we happen to have a good knowledge of real estate and, actually, the words used to market a property make a difference to value.

We can, but it is hard to physically get out to every property because we're so busy with other work. So we tend to prefer high-end properties and developments. That said, with our winning words, you may want to pay us to do it anyway. We're here for you. Drop us a line.

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