Award Winning Submissions

You're a top agent, auctioneer, property manager, receptionist, marketing professional, director or principal of a top office - and you want everyone to know about it. Of course, taking out a top industry award can also send your career into over-drive.

Each year the real estate industry's major professional associations, like the REIV, the REIA, and other industry bodies call for submissions to help them select the top performing professionals and offices in the industry.

Enter Articul8. If anyone can sell you, we can - and we have.

Articul8 has developed several award winning submissions that were instrumental in our clients taking out:

REIV Property Manager of The Year (Principals) and

A finalist position (1 of 3) for REIV Property Manager of the Year (Non-Principals)

Keys (or Key Strokes) to Award Winning Submissions

writing for results

At Articul8, while persuasive real estate submission writing is a given, we also dissect the criteria into manageable parts to ensure:

You understand them
You're better prepared to provide the information that best addresses them
We understand them and are clear on what the organisation wants to hear
We extract the most potentially successful information from you during several consultations
We develop powerful copy that specifically targets each criteria and presents you as the obvious winner

Working Together for Higher Returns

A professionally written real estate submission immediately stands you out from the rest - and with plenty of keen applicants going after the same awards, a clear, well-structured and engaging submission is a breath of fresh air for judges. It immediately puts you ahead of the rest.

In developing winning submissions, Articul8 also:

Contacts the industry body to glean any further information that might help us get you over the line.
Makes submissions engaging, different, lively, while getting your personality across. We help them get to know (and love) you - subtly as always!
Approaches the submission from the perspective of the industry body in question - and anticipates what they want and need to hear.
Tactfully and tastefully gives kudos to the industry body where appropriate throughout the submission to help win you more points.

writing for results

Did You Know?

Any text developed by Articul8 can be used across any marketing mediums that work to your best advantage. This means that submissions, or parts thereof, can be utilised on your website, in sales kits and listing kits, in press releases, blogs, editorials, profiles or newsletters, giving you a large body of marketing material to use for self-promotional purposes.

Articul8: Crafting Winning Words That Work Wonders